Soundproof Genset
  • Introduction
  • Standard configuration
  • Option
All series of soundproof generator sets can be lifted from eye lifting hooks on the top
Better painting job, tough paint suitable for all weather conditions and avoids rusting for long period of time
More compact and strength structure, muffle built-in lower noise level No traditional bottom air intake design; avoid dusts and other impurities inhalation. Enlarged the area of air intake and discharge
Separated output cable box, easy for cable connections Adapt to all weather condition

•Small size ,compact conformation, sophisticated technology,beautiful appearance,Easy to transport and install
•There're lifting lugs and cable loops on the top of the canopy,and forklift groove,drag holes and mounting holes at the chasis of the canopy.
•Safe to operate:the genset is equipped with groud protection,emergency button ,alarm system and automatic stop alarm.
•Easy to operate: inegrated control system makes it easy to operate convenient to splice wire
•Battery switch lock
•Excellent Thermal dispersion:adopting efficient ventilation and cooling system,ensuring the completeness of thermal dispersion and air exhaust
•Advanced waterproof and dust prevention design
•The canopy conducts the block typr design ,which improves the effectiveness of materials ,leakprofness and watertightness
•Cimbing ladder is equipped when the canopy is higher than 1800mm
•Double hanger design is used in genset above 320kw output

•Control panel
•Output system
•Starting with lead-acid battery and battery connecting wire
•Battery charger
•40°C Radiator
•Industrlal muffler \bellows
•Soundproof canopy
•Steelbase frame
•Standard tools
•Auto communication control system
•3-remote communication control system
•Auto synchronizing control system
•ATS panel
•50°C Radiator
•Oil-water separator
•Electrothermlc water jacket heater
•Fuel tybe water jacke theatsr
•Auto tube feeding system
•Realdentlal muffler
•Heavy duty industrial extinguishing muffler
•Base frame/Dally fuel tank
Maintenance-free battery
Bus bar tray
Special tools
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