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Why Choose Diesel Generator
  In modern life, electricity has become a non-existent or missing part of life. There are many ways to generate electricity, but why should we choose a diesel generator? Here we look at the strengths of diesel generators in use! • 1.Single machine capacity grade, convenient equipment  Diesel generator sets have a stand-alone capacity of several kilowatts to tens of thousands of kilowatts. According to their usefulness and load conditions, they have a wide range of available capacities and have the advantage of being used in a variety of capacity-based electrical loads. When a diesel generator set is accepted as an emergency and standby power source, one or more units can be accommodated, and the installed capacity can be sensitively equipped according to actual needs. • 2. The unit power component is light and installation is sensitive  Diesel generator sets have relatively simple supporting equipment, fewer auxiliary devices, small size, and light weight. Take the high-speed diesel engine as an example, which is usually 820 kg/KW, and the steam power plant is more than four times larger than the diesel engine. Due to this feature of diesel generator sets, it is sensitive, convenient and easy to move. The diesel generator set used as an independent power supply main power supply accommodates the independent equipment method, while the standby or emergency diesel generator sets are commonly used together with the variable distribution equipment. Since the diesel generator sets are not normally operated in parallel with the city power grid, the units do not need a full source of water [The cost of cooling water for the diesel engine is 3482L/(KW.h), which is only 1/10 of the turbine generator set, and the floor area is Small, so the installation of the unit is more sensitive. • 3. High thermal compliance and low fuel consumption  The effective thermal compliance of diesel engines is 30% and 46%, that of high-pressure steam turbines is 20% and 40%, and that of gas turbines is 20% and 30%. It can be seen that the effective thermal compliance of diesel engines is relatively high, so their fuel consumption is low. • 4. Start agile and can reach full power soon  The start-up of a diesel engine usually takes only a few seconds. In an emergency configuration, it can be fully loaded within 1 min. In normal operating conditions it is brought to full load within about 510 min, and the steam power plant starts from normal operation until it is fully loaded with 34 h. The shutdown process of the diesel engine is also very short and can be started and stopped frequently. Therefore, diesel generators are suitable for cooperation as emergency or backup power supply. • 5. Easy to operate and maintain  Only the general staff who read the crew's statement carefully can start the diesel generator set and perform the usual maintenance of the unit. The unit's faults can be accepted on the machine, repairs are required, and fewer staff are required to repair and repair. • 6.Comprehensive low cost of power plant establishment and power generation  Compared with turbines to be built, steam turbines to be equipped with steam boilers, and larger fuel preparation and water treatment systems, the diesel power station has a small footprint, a fast build-up rate, and low investment costs. According to the statistics of relevant materials, compared with renewable power generation such as hydroelectricity, wind power, and solar energy, as well as nuclear power and thermal power generation, the combined cost of the establishment of a diesel power station and power generation is the lowest.
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Tips for Use and Maintenance Your Cummins Generator Cooling System
  After you posses diesel generator set. Use and Maintenance of Cummins Generator Cooling System Did You Know? The deterioration of the technical state of the diesel engine cooling system will directly affect the normal operation of the diesel engine. Deterioration of the technical condition is mainly manifested in the fact that the scale in the cooling system makes the volume smaller, the circulation resistance of the water increases, and the heat conductivity of the scale deteriorates, so that the heat dissipation effect is reduced, the temperature of the engine is high, and the formation of scale is accelerated. In addition, it can easily cause oxidation of the engine oil and cause carbon deposits such as piston rings, cylinder walls, valves, etc., causing increased wear. Therefore, in the use of the cooling system must pay attention to the following points: • 1. Use soft water such as snow water and rain water as cooling water as much as possible. River water, spring water, and well water are all hard water, contain many kinds of minerals, and will precipitate out when the water temperature rises. It is easy to form scale in the cooling system, so it cannot be used directly. If you really want to use this type of water, it should be boiled, precipitated, and used for surface water. In the absence of water to make up, use clean, contaminated soft water. • 2. Maintain proper water surface, that is, the upper water room shall not be lower than 8mm below the upper mouth of the inlet pipe; • 3. master the correct method of adding water and discharging water. When the diesel engine overheats and lacks water, it is not allowed to add cold water immediately, and the load should be removed. After the temperature of the water drops, it is slowly added in a trickle under the operating state. • 4. Maintain the normal temperature of the diesel engine. After starting the diesel engine, the diesel engine can only start working when it is warmed up to 60°C (only when the water temperature is at least 40°C or above, the tractor can start empty running). The water temperature should be kept in the range of 80-90°C after normal operation, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 98°C. • 5. check the belt tension. With a force of 29.4 to 49N in the center of the belt, the amount of belt sinking of 10 to 12mm is appropriate. If it is too tight or too loose, loosen the generator bracket fastening bolts and adjust the position by moving the generator pulley. • 6. Check the leakage of the water pump and observe the leakage of the drain hole under the cover of the water pump. The leakage should not exceed 6 drops within 3 minutes of stopping. If it is too high, the water seal should be replaced. • 7. The pump shaft bearing should be lubricated regularly. When the diesel engine is working for 50 hours, butter should be added to the pump shaft bearing. 
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