Kosta Power provide proposal for various kinds of buildings electricity.Our generator sets are widely used in this area,include Sky scraper,shopping center,hotel,restaurant,school,residential etc. Generators are necessary choice for them.
Kosta soundproof type and containerized type genset can make the genset have ability to put into use in hard weather condition,and keep reliable electricity supply.
Kosta team will recommend our customer suitable generator sets according to different requirement.Our system include: auto start,AMF control,ATS,Remote control,running monitoring,risk alert,failure check,50hz/60hz switch,etc.

Our Advantage
• Customized proposal, help our client easy to grasp the skills of using genset,and maintenance also simple and easy.
• Control system with AMF function, which can realize automatic start,with protect function.
• ATS for option, small genset can choose integrated ATS inside.
• Super silent type,30kva or below noise level can be 60db at 7m.
• Steady performance,the average failure period over 1000hours at least.
• Smaller size,some special equipment are available for customer need to suit for cold place running condition.
• Customized design and developed are available.
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